Hardcover Books on Board

I've always loved the feel and look of a well-worn vintage book cover with evidence of handling in soft velvet patches with handwritten notes preserved inside. I repurpose discarded and found books that would otherwise be headed to the recycling. In an increasingly digitized world, I enjoy salvaging what I can to tell a new story. This series was inspired by a love for color interactions as well as both contemporary and traditional quilting practices involving reusing scraps such as Japanese boro, Korean pojagi, mosaic and the improvisational quilts from Gee's Bend.


These works are made from materials that are not archival and evidence of wear and aging is part of the natural beauty. To prolong the life of the piece, I use acid-free adhesive, apply a finishing coat of Dorlan's wax and acid-free UV protectant spray which helps create a barrier to the elements (though piece should still be hung out of direct sunlight). 

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in Oakland, CA 

Full Bloom

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