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The edges of old paperback books have sometimes been colored in shades of red, yellow and green which over time age to all different hues depending on the lives they've lived.  With these pieces, I create slices from the edges to show off the time-earned color and mount them on a base of vintage hard back covers on board.  The slices are at varying heights which create an effect of a wheel in motion when walking by the piece.

I use primarily discarded and donated books that would otherwise be headed to the recycling.  These works are made from materials that are not archival and evidence of wear and aging is part of the natural beauty. To prolong the life of the piece, I use acid-free adhesive, apply a finishing coat of Dorlan's wax and acid-free UV protectant spray which helps create a barrier to the elements (though piece should still be hung out of direct sunlight). 

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