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V i e w     F r o m    I n s i d e

A collage series started at the beginning of quarantine, a daily practice exploring ideas of fragility and resilience.  


As the two-week school closure announced mid-March 2020 extended into the unknown, I found myself staring out the window, trying to put in perspective this new reality of a shelter-in-place, time slowing to a crawl. 

Digging through my drawer full of pages with writing and dates from the early to mid-1900s from discarded books, I created a collage from a found image and created a window pane using bits of worn paperback book covers. There was something comforting and calming about it and so I committed to creating a collage-a-day for 30 days.  As exhibits and shows cancelled and galleries had to close their doors, I carried on until the one-hundreth day.  

The creation of the #artistsupportpledge on Instagram by Matthew Burrows (artist/UK), proved to be an invaluable connection to a community of artists and art-collectors worldwide.  These are the remaining collages from the series.

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