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Loose Ends

Resolution redefined as accepting loose ends, rather than expecting relationships to wrap up neatly.  


The “Loose Ends" series is made from the headcaps (the flap of cloth that folds over the very top of the spine) and headbands (the striped piece of fabric placed at the top of the spine for resistance to pulling). Wear and tear on a book is most visible at the top where it is repeatedly pulled from the shelf.  The fraying and wear is earned through time and I love bringing it to light to be noticed.  Personally, as I worked on this series, I was considering the extent to which unresolved relationships could feel haunting over time.  If “loose ends” can be accepted as is the imperfection of life then resolution can be redefined as such to bring more peace of mind.  This series then became a practice of that process and throughout each piece, there are small lines of hand-stitching to evoke the feeling of repair. 

Work: 9.25" x 9.25"

Framed: 13" x 13," floated in a white wood frame with UV protective glass


Work (below): 7" x 7" 

Framed: 10" x 10," floated in a white wood frame with UV protective glass

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